Photography: Volume 2

Pulling out my camera, adjusting the exposure, quietly waiting for the perfect shot, I present to you, my viewers, my new photography album. The old collection can be found here.

Note: not all my photos here are "new, new" photos. Some of them are exceptional shots I took before publishing my last post, but I didn't want to post two pics of the same thing.

Moving on….(click to enlarge)


A really neat pose of that squirrel. I didn't expect the sunlight and the ground to merge so well together.


Looks like it's been pulled out of a rainforest. The truth is, i found these little birds in my backyard. I love the way the birds sit linearly, almost like a family picture.


This was a bit of an experiment, with very impressive results. Shot it under low lighting with flash at a certain angle, so you can see all the layers of petals in the flower.


Slimy snail; and although the picture doesn't exhibit too many photography techniques, it looks pretty decent.


The grasshopper/mantis (I'm no entomologist) strikes an excellent pose for this photo. The raised forearms and the spread out legs give it a great stance.


A really simple pic, but that's what makes it look detailed and elegant.


Cute little birdie. That sounds really stupid. Anyway, I like the perching position of the bird, and the contrast of its black head to its yellow body (sorry if that sounds racist). Birds and insects seem to love posing for me.


Wow, this picture was an absolute stunner for me. I heard the cat screeching in pain before I found it (probably "cat"fighting). The way its body is silhouetted and the light gleaming off the feline's eyes make it an amazing and thoughtful picture.


Kind of a filler pic. The flower looks pretty, and I can't say much about this.


Perfect pose + perfect clarity + cool insect = awesomeness. The macro worked exceptionally well here.


An example of good timing, this picture was taken early in the morning. The bees seemed to be rising with me and the sharpness in front and the blurred out background, make it another sweet shot.


I don't have enough words to describe how much I love this one. At a first glance, you might not see much, but look at the thing looming over the moth's (yes it is a moth) body. Do you count four legs a side? Yup, a spider was ingesting its prey in this one, and seeing it in real life was eerie. Although I can't bring out all the life or death in this photo, I hope you get the message.

I know you'll enjoy these photos, no need to hope.

Comment, criticize and praise as you wish.