Photography: Volume 5 - National Park Edition!

After a long hiatus from the hobby, I'm finally back with a new set of pictures to share! Back in March 2023, I was looking for a new hobby which wasn't as physically demanding as climbing or biking. Around the same time, I also realized that I had been to so many cool places on my trips but I didn't have pictures to show for most of them. Putting these two together, I decided to get back into photography after more than seven years since I last held a camera. To test the waters without spending too much, I bought a used Canon 60D with a 10-22mm ultrawide lens to complement my 18-55mm kit lens, 55-250mm zoom lens, and 50mm prime lens. Although far past its prime in 2010, the Canon 60D still holds up pretty well today and the pictures from this venerable DSLR are instantly distinguishable from even the best of modern smartphones. Nothing beats larger image sensors! I later switched to a Canon R10, but the majority of the pictures in this edition come from the Canon 60D.


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I will never tire of seeing the granite monoliths in Yosemite. I visited the National Park for the second time on a solo trip in June 2023 and I was moved by the beauty of the park in a way I wasn't the first time I visited. More has been written about Yosemite than I can do justice to in this blurb, so I will let the pictures do the talking here.


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Acadia National Park was the second National Park I visited this year and I think this picture is my favorite from the whole trip! I love the house at the bottom corner of the image, graciously providing a subject amongst the foliage.

Alt text

There's not a whole lot going on in this picture compared to the other ones, but I like the way the ground, sea, and sky line up. I shot this with my wide angle lens to exaggerate the leading lines in the image.

Alt text

I shot this at a wooden toys shop in the town of Bar Harbor. I like the way the birdhouses are almost falling on top of each other in this image. There's definitely a story here the more you look at it.

That's all for this volume! I plan to start posting more pictures of my work more regularly :-)