“Disruption Tolerant Networks for Underwater Communications” - This was the topic of my undergraduate thesis. I worked at the wonderful Acoustic Research Laboratory (ARL) at NUS, Singapore under Prof. Mandar Chitre. I developed a new UnetAgent which could utilise other LINK agents for achieving disruption tolerant communication. I presented this project to the ARL on 25 April 2019 and this presentation can be found below.

Presentation Report


“VECTORS — VidEo Communication Through Opportunistic Relays and Scalable video coding” - This is a project on Disruption Tolerant Networks which I did in my third year at BITS Hyderabad. I worked with Mr. Abhishek Thakur and a senior, Tejashwer Reddy and made an Android app which could make Android phones automatically connect to one another to transfer SVC encoded video data. In December 2018, we published a paper on this project in the Elsevier SoftwareX journal.