My clearest memory was when I was at the ELAS farewell and people were all amazed that a first year got GSoC. This reality check you gave me then and my rivalry with you that pushed me to get everything I wanted. I literally couldn’t have done GSoC without you. I couldn’t have survived college BT without you. I guess that’s because you and I are the same type of Pokemon and I’m lucky to have met you. I’m lucky that I could spend time with you. Not an understatement to say I couldn’t have gotten Berkeley without you. Since I loved it all so much I’m gonna hold onto my promise and you’re gonna keep meeting me in the US till I get you BoTW. Besides I’m the best Habibi you’ll ever get.


Brother, thanks for all the jargon that you’ve familiarized us with, which led to a lot of confusing and fun conversations throughout the college. I really admire your commitment and skill in coding, don’t know any more technical stuff but yeah. As there is no word limit for you I am gonna type as much as I can. xD

Fuck!! To think that I’d have to move out of college, without our wing and without YOU is really painful. I miss how we used to play COD in your room with that cancerous disco lights. How you’ve abused your drone and the number of times it crashed in the wing itself. All those experiments that you’ve done kept my mundane life interesting I feel. Then the phase when you started gaming xD. You’ve introduced me to Dirt, to RL (thanks for ruining 150 hours of my life (:) and Spelunky xD. Even if we hardly did anything in your room it was still fun and I remember it, I remember randomly coming to your room and hanging out where you are intensely coding, typing even while looking at us xD. We might have been a bit annoying at times and I don’t know how you handled that much of stress with this chutiyaap going around you.

You probably filtered us as background noise xD JK. You’d probably think of yourself as an introvert or boring/socially awkward but guess what, you are really fun to be around with once anyone gets to know you and that’s why everyone loves you. I think you’ve overcome being an introvert in the last sem by hanging out with a lot of people. Also, thanks for taking me to those runs, we’ve started all the way in 2nd year. We went out of campus in every direction possible, almost did a 10k and then tried jogging here and there through the years. I still can’t get over it. I will miss having you as a wingie. Going to miss the first time you got a GSoc. And the second time. And the third? Idk I lost track. I will miss those random micro-aggressions that you keep having, random noise through the walls. Screaming LAAAAAAAADY out of no-where. Almost forgot L4D2 :p. Gonna miss watching you lie around dead listening to cigarettes after sex, like life has been sucked out of you. Just a LOT of good memories. Between us, I am going to bet that you’d be the first to score a chick first ;) Keep in touch brother.


Hey Arnav! Last semester was almost only made bearable by our regular meeting-ups and movie-watching sessions, idk how I’d have been able to have gotten through the dull semester otherwise. It was so nice finding out that you also relate to so many of the thoughts and feelings that I usually just keep inside of my head. You’re a great conversationalist and I really admire how you think through what you want to express before you say it, and at how patient you are at listening to others . I also admire how you’re always up for an adventure, and that day when you, Uttara, and I just trotted out to Karkhana on a whim really exemplifies the things about college that I’m missing the most. <3 You’re so talented and passionate about what you do, that it’s always a joy catching up with you and finding out what you’ve been up to. Batchsnaps was a blast, and I have some memories of you from that day that I hope I never forget. xD Can’t wait to make more now that you’re back in Bangalore! :D


Dhamija, of all the good things that came my way by joining CSA, you are definitely somewhere near the top. I don’t think I will ever meet someone with your kind of personality. Cute, humble, and insanely talented. Not to forget all those random trademark words you keep saying (jail :P). Right from being there for your first drink to seeing you dance (batchsnaps and the bus), the years seem to have gotten over quickly. I will miss heading over to your room to discuss all the new things you kept working on. I have always admired your work ethic and you deserve all your current success and much more. Love You bhai <3


Habiiiibs <3 Omg I remember seeing you in AITS and then at BITS and then got to know about GSoc. I remember thinking you were such a stud and being so intimidated by you. Little did I know you’re the humblest, and nicest people I’d have the privilege of knowing. We’ve made so many memories from staying up the whole night during Atmos Inaug to walks and BT talks during 3rd year compre. I’m so glad we didn’t let the distance come between us the last one year and kept in touch via photos and text. You’re absolutely brilliant and I’m sure you’re going to kill it in MS! Love you man, looking forward to more GM pics :D


Habeeebz!! yaar! I can’t forget all time we spent (slaved) in ARC.. all the coding and brainstorming.. trying to get SIMS to work.. I have learnt soo much from you over the last 3 years… You are the most honest person I have met.. I was truly inspired by your dedication and determination to do stuff.. Itna phodu hai but fir bhi itna humble.. Wo “Hideouts” waale treks toh kabhi nahi bhul sakta.. and you freaking over minor stuff.. aur teri trippy harkate XD.. Watching Rick & Morty together.. your failed attempts at tinder and the ZeroBaseClub jokes.. Will always cherish these memories..


Arnav. We’ve been in the same boat for the longest time, (and I guess we will be for a little longer :P ) Right from NTSE days, fiitjee and DD Lab getting to know you has been amazing. The stressful placement weeks felt much better when you were around. Not to mention the discussions during application stress haha. You’re one of the most brilliant and humble people I’ve met on college - I know that these qualities will take you far ahead in life. Can’t wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish in the future! All the best <3


Hey bro, you’re a really very cool person to hang out with. You are not only physically fit yourself but also encourage others to jog with you. I remember you dieting in 2nd year because you thought you were growing fat :-P You are a pro guy who is helpful and friendly. You made me and yashdeep run for about 5km which is my maximum till date and probably for ever. I really enjoyed tickling you and teasing you for your i phone. Please stay the same nice person you are. All the best for future, have fun, bye.


I was really intimidated by you when I first met you: solving complex physics questions, walking around with that HP code wars t-shirt. But then when I got to know you, I realized you were a lot more like the rest of us only :P Ofcourse you’re really great at what you do, but you’re also so sweet and nice, and not at all intimidating :) I had a lot of fun with you Arnav: random chilling sessions in your (common) room, graphics stuff, picking on Sahil for not doing anything xD Never doubt yourself! You’re one in 7 billion :’) Hope to stay in touch


Bro, you are one of my favorites on campus and maybe the first in the wing. :P You were so pure in the first year that it felt refreshing to speak to someone who doesn’t have any bad thoughts or motives. In spite of all the funny roasting I do, I love coming to your room and have good discussions about career. Probably when we connected so well while the rest of the wing was pretty much anti-Masters. I am always in awe with your achievements. Sometimes, I feel it’s worth the lack of the ‘Extra’ social life you may have missed. You definitely had good times with the wing and with other CS people too. That’s good enough right? You are fricking adorable and you deserve a very very very nice chick. :P People will be lucky to have you in their lives. Missed you a lot this sem man. Didn’t know where I could get free dry fruits. :3 Keep gaming to take your mind off things and achieve big brother. Keep making us proud and make us demand more treats! Good luck with Master’s. Would love to open an inter-disciplinary start-up with you. :P Love you. :*


Brother! breed, jail,TOO GOOD, F, i don’t think you realize how much life you brought into the wing :’). Damn i truly missed you in 4-2. From a coding god and tech guru, not many people know you as the retarded ,extremely trippy and fun being behind the scenes. Not a day has passed where I didn’t have fun around your place brother. From the OG “i’m cool dude” to the RGB light strips hooked up to the speakers. Your obsession for pretzels, infinite amount of nuts in your room. The poker currency, Holy shit I’m so glad I know for who you are and not the coding guru (the public image) cause as much of a knowledgeable person you are, not one day did i feel you were not approachable. Thanks for going out of your way to help me with DISCO assignment, it truly calmed me down that day. no matter where you go now, please know I’ll always be up for a spelunky session and just goof around with you. College has been an absolute pleasure with you around. Cheers brother, We should totally get a beer someday! :D Also, don’t let others talk trash towards you, after navaneeth’s training and all your pro scenes, you can more than shut down anyone if you so wish :’) Much love, Cheers and all the best brother! :D


Hi brother, I’ve always drawn inspiration from you. You’re one of those unique friends with whom I could talk about a lot things when I was hesitant to do so with others. You are very disciplined, hard working and structured in the way you do things and I hope I can incorporate that in my life. I will miss you. You take time to open up to people but once you do, you’re so much fun to hangout with! I really genuinely hope we stay in touch brother. :’)



It’s been wonderful knowing someone as honest and simple as you, man. I hope you know that all of my pranking was rooted in friendly ribbing, and I always respected you for the straightforward, up front human being you are.

How does one begin to praise your coding prowess? You always did stuff you loved, and stuff you enjoyed, and I sincerely respected and admired you for that. I’ve spent long hours marvelling at your blog posts, and hanging out with you in any context, be it with TRay or in general in and out of class has always been similarly rewarding.

You handled all my childish buffoonery, and I honestly thank you for that, and offer my apologies for any time I may have offended you. Thanks for sticking around, man, you did give me some great memories, and I will always regard the time we spent during placements fondly.

Thank you for everything, brother. It’s an honor to be your friend. I genuinely hope you achieve whatever it is you desire in life, and rise to the top of your profession, and attain happiness all the way through. Do stay in touch!