After the exams...

Well, today concluded a week’s long affair of exertion. To be honest, it really wasn’t a lot of work this time. Can’t say that these exams really ended on a high note with every student’s perennial fear - Hindi.

Photography’s awesome! Expect pictures in my upcoming posts.

Before the exams...

I really haven’t been doing justice to this blog for quite some time. It’s probably out of laziness that I couldn’t bring myself to update it either. With the advent of Pokemon Platinum on the emulator, factor the time I want to spend on this to zero.

That can change now. Queer time to restart, few days prior to the exams.

My First Post on My First Blog

Blogging. Well, something I’ve wanted to do earnestly for some time.

And just as well, this is and will be my very first post.

(May 8. The day of the 2011 National NTSE round. MAT lifted my hopes but SAT equally crushed them. Time will tell the efforts.)